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Indigo Soul School’s mission is to help women to step into their power and transform their lives by helping them develop spiritually and to then help them create an abundant holistic or heart-centred business doing what they love – Jan

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Indigo Soul Business Academy

Step by step bite size courses to help you tackle the techie, stand out from the crowd and shine online.

No more tearing your hair out trying to figure out all the techie know how; if it’s not included I’ll create a new video to show you how!

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Online accredited Spiritual courses available now.

All of the online courses in the Indigo Soul School are available to purchase HALF PRICE until the end of June.

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I also teach Reiki and Crystal Therapy in-person in Albrighton. You will find my in-person courses in the menu at the top of the page.

Struggling to Market Your Business?

I know how you feel when you're struggling to market your business. You’re googling the solutions. Taking free classes and downloading the marketing gurus' free guides.  Everything seems too pushy, too salesy and you just want to share what you do, with love to those...

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What is an Indigo Soul?

What is an Indigo Soul? There are many different types of lightworkers and an Indigo Soul is just one type. Before we explore what an Indigo Soul is, let's explore all the different types. What is a Light-worker? A light-worker is someone who makes a conscious...

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Why Grounding is Important

Many people wonder why grounding is important or even what it is. Energy work can be very draining for Light-workers, therefore, before you start to work or at the start of each day, it is very important to make sure you are grounded. How to Ground To ground ourselves...

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