Crystal Therapy Diploma

 Become a Crystal Therapist and shine with Crystal expertise 

Reiki Masters is an in-depth four module course which will enable you to give unique thorough Crystal Healing sessions.


Absolutely loved, loved, loved learning on this course . Jan has been an amazing tutor .

Met some great ladies, lifelong peers in the new adventure! xx

April M


oday was the last day on my crystal therapist course and I have to say I have enjoyed every minute of it… 

Jan you have done a brilliant job of running the course and I have loved it! 

So nice to have met you all


Jo B

My Crystal Therapy Diploma Course is

the most amazing, magical experience that will change your life.


You will learn all you need to be a fully qualified Crystal Therapist.

Unique crytsal healing techniques such as meridian healing

How to clear blocks in the aura from the past & present that affect the chakras

Create powerful crystal sprays and healing elixirs

How to create powerful healing webs that can be sent via distance over a period of days

On this 4 module course, you will learn:

  • How to clear the chakras and clear blocks on 5 lines of the aura from the past and present
    • If blocks are not cleared from the aura they will keep affecting the chakras. (Most Crystal Therapists only offer Chakra Clearing)
  • How to balance meridians using crystals (Meridian healing is usually done with accupuncture)
  • How to create powerful crystal sprays and elixirs
  • How create powerful crystal healing webs that can be sent via distance over a period of days
  • How to heal with colour and crystals
  • How to create powerful crystal healing systems

“Becoming a fully qualified Crystal Therapist was the most amazing experience of my life and it is my passion to train as many people as possible.”

Can you imagine how you would feel if you could….

  • Intuitively choose powerful crystal webs to bring about stress and trauma release, increased confidence, deep healing, balance and calming, to name but a few.
  • Clear blocks from the past once and for all 
  • Get people back to their old selves using systems healing. 
  • Heal any imbalances in the meridians (used in acupuncture). 
  • Eliminate pain or ailments in the physical body using powerful crystal wand work
  • Clear the energy space in homes or offices as a service. 
  • Create powerful crystal elixirs, sprays, or healing water. 

No more feeling …

  • Frustrated at not knowing how to use crystals to heal yourself and others

    • Stuck in life and not being able to move forwards – as you go through the course you will be healing yourself and removing massive blocks.


      • You owe it to yourself to invest in this course so you can build a better future doing something that you love

The Course

The course consists of 4 modules and is delivered twice a year. The first module will be delivered on both of the dates given below and the following 3 modules will be delivered at approximately 4-6 week intervals on mutually agreed dates after the first module.


This course runs twice a year on the following dates

25th February 2024

22nd September 2024

On completion of the course, you will receive a Crystal Therapy Certificate and, on completion of case studies, you will receive a Crystal Therapy Diploma


They will be held in Pattingham Village Hall

Snacks, cakes, refreshments & course handouts are all included in the cost of the course.

The village hall is in a beautiful village location and there is a Co-op across the road should you wish to purchase your lunch.


Why learn Crystal Therapy with me?

I have 14 years teaching experience in further education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education which has enabled me to gain lots of experience in teaching.

I am an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and a Crystal Therapist with a Diploma in Crystal Therapy.

Having done healing on myself and others I have been amazed at the super powerful and fantastic results gained from Crystal healing and how much it changes people’s lives.

Everyone that comes to my classes feels totally at ease and absolutely loves them.

The cost for the course is £555

Secure your place with a £55 deposit and then the balance of £500 will be due one week before the course

(You can also pay in 5 x monthly instalments of £100)

Once you have paid your deposit, I will email you.

Any queries, please email me on jan@indigosoulschool.com

A small cost to change your life!

You will absolutely LOVE it!


I can’t wait to meet you if this is for you!

All and any monies paid for the course are non-refundable but are transferrable. Upon cancellation of arranged dates, all monies paid will be transferred to a later course date.

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