Change your life and step into your power with Reiki & Crystal Therapy Courses

Indigo Soul School’s mission is to help women to step into their power and transform their lives by helping them develop spiritually with in-person and online courses.

Also providing support, healing and hands-on tech magic for new & expanding healers and therapists through the Indigo Soul Business Academy.

Indigo Soul Community

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Your go to loving spiritual community in a private Facebook group and the place where I share lots of tips for spiritual & business growth. 

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How I can Help You Further

Indigo Soul Business Academy

Step by step bite size courses to help you tackle the techie, stand out from the crowd and shine online.

No more tearing your hair out trying to figure out all the techie know how; if it’s not included I’ll create a new video to show you how!

Plus, Master Reiki energy sent to you and your business once a week. Using powerful Reiki intentions has been the number 1 game changer for me and my business and I can’t wait to help change yours!

You will also have access to all of my spiritual development courses. Always good to add another string to your bow!

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Indigo Soul Tribe

Would you love a place to actively hang out online with likeminded people and earn how to invite love, light and abundance into your life, set your own powerful intentions and receive Master Reiki energy to manifest them?

Not only that but you will have access to an array of spiritual development courses and the opportunity to receive an individual card drawn for you in my private Facebook group.

Raise your vibe and join our tribe!

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I also teach Reiki and Crystal Therapy in-person. You will find my in-person courses in the menu at the top of the page.

Feeling Dizzy or Spacey?

Do you ever feel a bit dizzy or spacey when working with holistic clients? Or Maybe when just the energy is in intense. This is usually because you are ungrounded. Energy work can be very draining for Light-workers, therefore, before you start to work on clients or at...

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